Silicone Jewellery FAQ

Can I give my silicone necklace to my baby to play with independently ?

No – all ¬†Silicone necklaces are¬†to be worn by adults¬†ONLY or children 3+ and are NOT a toy. Whilst being worn our necklaces are safe for baby to touch.¬†Whilst not all of our jewellery is¬†considered teething jewellery, please rest assured that the silicone is safe and non toxic.¬†As per Accc and product safety au ruling silicone jewellery can no longer be referred to as a¬† ” Teething Necklace or Silicone Teething Necklace ”


What about your bangles?
Yes ‚Äď all of our bangles can be chewed on¬†by babies, are suitable for independent play and do not pose a¬†choking hazard, bangles are certificated interdependent teethers


Silicone Necklace length?

Necklace length is around 70-85cm depending on design

To shorten pull back clasps and tie a double knot at desired length on both sides evenly,

cut off excess cord and singe cord ends to seal to ensure no fraying of cord


Silicone Necklace Junior Range?

All our junior silicone necklace are designed for ages 3+

Our necklaces are great for children with ADHD, ADD, Autism and sensory disorders.

While our silicone can be mouthed, we recommend checking regularly for damage and faults


What is your silicone Products made of?

100% Safe food grade Silicone
100% Non Toxic,
BPA Free, Lead Free,
Cadmium Free,
Phthalates Free,

We source our silicone from reputable manufacturers and suppliers directly

Our silicone beads and teethers  has been tested for chemicals and meets the Australian toy standard.


Does Zebra Babies Make all the silicone necklaces?

Yes. Every single necklace is made by myself, All necklaces are make in a clean environment with clean hands and packaged.

all necklaces are burnt/singed on the ends of the cord to ensure no loose cord frays and then quality checked and packaged in our branded packaging for hygienic purposes.


Can I custom order necklaces?

If you don’t see a Necklace design you like?
Have one in mind or a picture?
I can custom make you a necklace
or use contact page


Dishwasher Safe? Cleaning?

Zebra Babies Silicone Products are dishwasher safe (top rack only)
Personally I do not recommend this due the the harsh nature of the dishwasher.
Washing under warm water with mild soap rinse thoroughly and hang to dry
Silicone does not mould or carry bacteria if used correctly. Always wash before wear.


Safety is our Number 1 concern when it comes to our products. 

Most of our products are handmade by myself, when making our necklaces and dummy clips as well as our other products quality and safety is our top priority, all our items are check for quality before being packaged and sent out. Items are to be used as instructed as per packaging. Not following these instructions could result in injury or worst. PLEASE READ ALL PACKAGING


Silicone jewellery was formerly called or known as ” teething necklace, silicone teething necklaces or teething jewellery “. This is no longer allowed or to be advertised as per the ACCC and product safety Australia.


As per Accc and product safety Australia ruling silicone jewellery can no longer be referred to as a¬† ” Teething Necklace or Silicone Teething Necklace ”