Terms, Conditions & Privacy

Terms, Conditions & Privacy


Cancellations may only be made before items are shipped. All shipped sales are final, so please choose your purchases carefully. Due to the nature of the products we sell, we cannot accept returns.
Some exceptions may apply if item is faulty upon delivery.


we offer a restricted warranty on our necklaces and other silicone jewellery, if you have any concerns about faults for your necklaces please contact us


Zebra Babies DOES NOT
Use any information for purposes other than the immediate sales transaction/delivery of purchases
Store information with intent of future purposes
Share or sell information to a third-party
Store bank or credit card details
*Your address and sometimes phone number are shared with Australia post

*We may add your email to our subscription email list (our emails that we do send out are only sent once every 1-4 months. usually sale and new arrivals) 


Contact Us:
Zebra Babies: 0403582643
Cranbrook, Townsville, Queensland.
ABN: 80899259328
General enquiries/Sales: zebrababies@outlook.com

All credit/debit transactions are processed by Stripe and are covered by buyer protection
Paypal Transaction are also covered by buyer protection

Direct Debit Payments are made to My Bank Account A.Germano

All Product must be used as instructed
By not following instruction, warranty will be void and can result in injury or worst


Silicone Jewellery FAQ here


Please do not copy or use our images without permission.

Our images are covered by copyright law.

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